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Pelvic Pain

Pain in the lower part of the abdomen and pelvis can be classified as "pelvic pain" and can be caused by multiple different factors. Let's get to the bottom of it! 

Pregnancy Support

Exercising during pregnancy is HEALTHY for most women - and we can help you feel confident that your exercise routine is a safe! 


Do you pee your pants when you laugh, sneeze, or cough? What about with exercise, or lifting heavy? This is not normal, even after having babies - so let us help you return to leak-free activities!

Bladder Health

We can help you re-train your bladder so that it stops disrupting your life! 

Pain with intercourse

Often caused by overactive pelvic floor muscles, this CAN be treated! 

Return to fitness postpartum

Your body just did an AMAZING thing! And it needs the TLC that you would give an injury in your body. We can help you return to your exercise routine as quickly as possible for YOU! 

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